Bad News Cowboy

Maisey Yates

Book Review by Maty Willis

In Bad News Cowboy by Maisey Yates, Kate a young girl in her early twenties has had a pretty rough life growing up without her mother and a drunken father who passed while she was young. Her two older brothers, Eli and Connor, have always kept a close watch on their baby sister and tried to give her the best life possible with as little as they've had. Living on the family ranch Kate has had plenty of room to practice barrel racing on her horse Roo the past few years training to become professional. In between practicing, working, and game nights with her brothers, their wives, and the old family friend Jack Monaghan she has realized that everyone around her is growing up while she is still staying the same. Jack hasn't exactly had an easy life his self growing up in a run down trailer with his poor mother while his father didn't want to claim his dirty little mistake and even paid jack to keep quiet about it. But jack has just returned home from following the rodeo for five years as a professional bull rider and the tension between him and Kate is obvious to everyone.

Jack has always viewed Kate as Connor and Eli's baby sister and always tool little for grown up things like dates and such. But Kate is a woman now and shes tired of being treated as a child she wants more she wants love and to feel like a normal girl for once. What started out as helping his friend's sister and protecting her from getting her from other boys by teaching her how to flirt and act around guys soon becomes much more than expected. Now Kate and Jack have their own little secret that they have to keep hidden from her brothers but it is becoming a lot harder as their feelings for each other are growing rapidly stronger. Jack is also helping Kate practice for the rodeo and if she wins she soon will leave her small town life to follow the rodeo and become a professional. Love is too complicated to have a long distance relationship and what if Kate is not ready for anything serious yet she does have her whole life ahead of her. Could this be love? Has she fallen in love with Jack Monaghan of all people? And what will Connor and Eli think of her when they find out?

If you love a book that will keep you on your toes and is also a romantic love story than I highly recommend this book for you. This is also more of a mature book so I suggest this book for older teens or young adults. This book also contains a lot of sexual situations and strong language so if you don't like these situations I would steer clear of this book but it is definitely a book I would read again.

Maisey Yates

Maisey Yates was born in 1986 in the southern part of Oregon. She lives in a small house with her husband and three children across from her parents home where she had grown up at. She was always fascinated by writing throughout her school years but could never quiet figure out what to write about until she discovered Harlequin Presents books and fell in love. Soon after she discovered these books the writer, Harlequin, held a contest to win an editor for a year. She never received any feedback from the contest about her entry but two years later while she was pregnant with her third child she received a call from the editor wanting to buy the manuscript she had used to enter the contest. In 2009 at the age of twenty-three Maisey Yates sold her first book.