description of the book

It's Manny's first football season in 6th grade. He played soccer before that, he has no experience playing football. He small but fast. His coach does not play him because he's en-experienced. he doesn't play until the last game where he makes his statement on the field.

the conflict is man vs. self

Manny doesn't play much because its his first year and his coach doesn't like him because he messed up in the first game. He thinks about quitting but he sticks it out until the end.
pg. 101

" It sounded like a football stadium.

It sounded like "Manny!"

It sounded like the roar of the crowd."

the stars of the book

Some extra pieces of information

The setting is in a small town in NY.

My symbolism is Mannys little brother Sal because he helps Manny push and strive to be a better football player Sal symbolizes encouragement.

My precept choice

" I don't believe you have to be better than everybody else. I believe you have to be better than you thought you could be."

- Ken venturi

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BY: Marty Maas

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