Only mutts with peanut butter!

By Adriana Quedens

When the numbers add up

Greg Murray is trying to make a book, For the live of peanut butter: A photo book. He has 58 backers, he has $6,833, and his goal was $3,750. Greg has about 26 days left until he will try and release his book of dog with peanut butter. The project will be funded on Friday April 29, 2016 by 5:00 p.m.

Extra information of Greg and his book

This book, will be a photo book of dogs hilariously displaying their love and enjoyment of peanut butter. A must if you like dogs and love to laugh. The book has more than 100 pages of dogs. The amazing thing is that most of the dogs in the book are dogs are rescues. Greg is an award-winning photographer and rescue animal advocate based out of Cleveland, Ohio. When not photographing animals, he can often be found volunteering with various Cleveland area animal rescue organizations.

What happens when you donate?

the reason you should donate to this book is because there are so many benefits once you do donate. For example, $40 or more you get a 2017 calendar of all the dogs in the book, 11" x8.5". $75 or more you get a softcover 10"x8" 100 page book printed on premium lustre paper. $90 or more you get a hardcover with the 100 page book also printed on premium lustre paper. $155 or more, all of the u.s. and outside of canada, a hard cover also. $300 or more, your dog will be photographed and put in the book. But if your dogs happens to not stay still, you will get a refund, if wanted. $390 or more your dog will be photographed, get put in the book and you will receive a 16"x24" canvas photos of your dog. and finally 2,500 or more and Greg himself will travel anywhere in 48 states to meet the person and their dog to be photographed and this includes a 16"x24" canvas print of session phot of choosing. 10"x8" hard cover.