Price's Press

September 26, 2014

News You Can Use!

It is hard to believe that September is about to come to an end. Having said that, mid-terms are coming home today. Please sign and return the bottom portion on the mid-term by Monday. Remember to have your child charge their tablet each night. Also, Monday is picture day.I love seeing the kids in their picture day clothes.

Our class has a Twitter page and soon students will be our "Tweeters". This account is only open to those adults who are invited to follow the learning in our classroom. If you have a Twitter account and want to follow the class, please click on the link below or find Superb4thGrade and request to follow us.

Attached to the e-mail is the class directory. This is a great resource to use for play dates and birthday parties.


Next week the selection is titled “The Horned Toad Prince”. Our comprehension skill is author’s purpose and the comprehension strategy is story structure. Story structure is the arrangement of a story from the beginning of the story to the end of the story. It is the plot and all that occurs in it. At home, ask your child about the conflict in the book they are reading or how was the conflict resolved?


Potential and kinetic are all around us. At the park, when children are swinging, energy is changing from potential to kinetic. Where else can it be found? Have your child notice when items are in motion. They should be able to identify the potential and kinetic energy.


Unit two is moving right along. The students have a good grasp on addition and subtraction. They do need to watch their signs to make sure they are solving the correct type of problem. Next week the concepts are going to be focused on estimation and multiplication of whole numbers and decimal.
Mrs. Browne's and Mrs. Riebock's class are moving right along in math. Soon they will be taking a test on Unit 2.