A Review Of 2015

Hudson H.

What are the 3 companies that marketed themselves the best?

Good360- They have been helping other 'big name' companies like Best Buy and Walmart which advertises them so they get more companies calling for help.

Under Armour- They have been advertising themselves with big name athletes like Steph Curry and Tom Brady which helps bring in more customers.

Apple- They made some big advancements like the apple watch where they advertised on national stations and also same with the IPhone 6.

What are the 2 best and worst products of 2015?

Best- Hoverboard, Drone

Worst- Windows 10, Google Glass

What were the top 2 movies of 2015 and how were they marketed?

What were the top 2 Musical Artists in 2015?

Taylor Swift and Adele

Taylor Swift was the highest earning musician in 2015 earning a whopping $1 million a day. Her two biggest songs of 2015 were "Shake it off" and "Bad Blood".

Adele came back with one of the biggest hits of 2015 after not recording a song for 5 years! Her highly known song "Hello" has broke over Billions of views and in the first day she had over 750,000 downloads.



Top 5 Highest Paid Athletes of 2015

1. Floyd Mayweather- 193 Million (Boxer)

2. Manny Pacquiao- 103 Million (Boxer)

3. Christiano Ronaldo- 51 Million (Soccer Player)

4. Lionel Messi- 47.5 Million (Soccer Player)

5. Roger Federer- 43 Million (Tennis Player)


3 New Years Resolutions

Personal- Work out 3 days a week and make the baseball team.

Friends and Family- Hang out with friends more often.

School and outside world- Improve my grades to mostly A's.