Coming out on June 1st!

Starrng: Alyssa Colombrita, Olivia Bufkin, and Ava Bufkin

Directed by: Sofia Bongiovanni

This emotional new movie is about a young girl, named Kate, who is struggling in school and with her homework. Kate's mom wouldn't help her when she was having trouble with it, so Kate ran off. In the end, Kate's friend helps her realize that running away wasn't a good idea, and Kate knows to never run away from her troubles again.


Alyssa Colombrita: 11 years old, played the role of Kate Stripe

Olivia Bufkin: 10 years old, played the role of Kate's mom

Ava Bufkin: 8 years old, played the role of Lisa Zale


Sofia Bongiovanni: 11 years old, came up with this story by brainstorming ideas and editing one of them to get what she has now
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