The Catcher in the Rye

By: Kyle Caponi


In this picture, all of the girls were wearing short skirts and all of the guys were wearing button down shirts. These were probably the most popular things to wear at the time. All of the women were sitting in front of the men which shows that men are supposed to respect women and put women before them.


In the 1950s families were expected to get along. They were all laughing and having fun in a car together. This was portraying a normal family car ride with the family dog. The father is driving and is seen as being in charge of the family. Also the children are getting along well which is another thing expected from a family during the time.
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This picture depicts success. The man is wearing a nice suit and drinking wine. He is with two women and another man who are all having a drink with him. They all look really happy, which shows how people thought that having money makes you happier.

Teen Life in 1946-1952

If you were a teen living in 1946-1952, there were a lot of things expected of you. You were expected to dress a certain, specifically with a nice button down shirt and jeans. Also you were expected to treat women with respect. You were supposed to let them sit infront of you and hold the door open for them. This was common courtesy then and today.