Paw Prints

Norfolk Jr. High

By Nicobie Dahlgren

Little Child Makes a Terrible fall!

One Saturday night Humpty Dumpty went for his nightly jog. He ran for three miles, and when he came to the Great London Bridge, he was tired. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall on the bridge, and all of a sudden an earthquake came. He lost his balance, fell off the wall and cracked his skull. Humpty Dumpty was rushed to the London Help Center.

What is my favorite app? My favorite App is Restaurant Story on my Ipod!

It is a game on my Ipod where you have a restaurant and you have to cook food and serve it to your customers. Also if you serve the right amount, you can earn GEMS! When you cook the food, it takes as long as its says so, for example, if it says it will take 24 hours then it will. When you get on the game, you have to start cooking right away or else if you don't have any food out,then your customers will get a sad or mad face above their head,. but if you do have food, they will have a happy face over their head and they will eat the food and pay when they’re done. One more fact is when you go to cook, make sure you have enough stars to pay for the food that you cook.

Dogs are Great Pets and Great Helpers

There are many kinds of dogs. First, some dogs can be small; some dogs can be big.
And some dogs have short fur, and some really fluffy. Dogs can also be called doggies, puppies, cur, mongrel,and pups. But their scientific name is canis lupus familiaris.

Familiaris means that dogs are pets, familiar to the family. Dogs are mostly a child's pet.
But, like children, dogs are little scaredy cats when it comes to thunderstorms. And dogs hate high pitched sounds. One thing is that small dogs are naughtier than big dogs. And if we know dogs really well, we know that they love doing tricks for treats. Oh, and they love to chew on things like shoes and bones, and when you whistle they should come straight to you.

Another thing those who know dogs realize is that dogs go potty. Some dogs will let their owner know when they have to make a movement. Some dogs will just poop and pee wherever and whenever. When you get a cat there’s gonna be problems. Some dogs will try to attack that cat or even eat it. Some dogs will get along very well with cats.

Finding Nemo Trailer

Finding Nemo

Well, this movie is about when a clown fish couple had a lot of babies. One day a sword fish came and ate the mom and all but one baby clown fish, and the dad found him and named him Nemo. While he was growing up, he and some of his classmates were being naughty and went into the wide ocean and touched a boat. Nemo’s dad told him not to touch it, and said to get back. Nemo did, but then a diver came and scooped Nemo up and took him. Marlin, Nemo’s dad, went looking for him, and he met Dory. They work together to find Nemo, but they also meet these three sharks. One of them almost tried to eat them. Marlin and Dory also meet a turtle its baby. They ride on their backs, and that led them to a whale. The whale scooped them up and shot them out at the place they needed to be to find Nemo. Then they met this bird who saved their lives and brought them to Nemo. Nemo was caught and put into an aquarium in a dentist’s office, but escaped by going down a sewer pipe, and landing in the ocean .He searched for his dad, then he found him. They swam home and lived a happy life.


I disagree because you have to go to bed earlier and stay at school longer.
You would end up getting use to the school, and it would feel so awkward.
Also, you would have two hours after school before you would have to go to bed, if you had sports. One more thing is when you got out of school, you would be very hungry because they probably wouldn't feed you supper.