EdTech Cadre Update

Keeping the Connected Educator Connected!


Believe it or not we are into the first week of our cadre. I've had the chance to meet with a few of you and actually see all the goodness you are bringing to you and your students. In keeping with the spirit of our cadre it is my goal to toss out some ideas and keep you all connected week to week during the life of our cadre! Here's to our first edition!
Computer Using Educators from all over the nation are preparing to gather in just a couple of days in Palm Springs for the CUE National Conference, which is, perhaps, one of the largest conferences in the US. Not going this weekend but want to be in on the action? Follow these two hashtags on Twitter over the weekend: #cue16 and #notatcue. The first is the official hashtag for National Conference. Links, insights, ideas, and the odd Periscope video will all be tweeted out to that hashtag between March 17-19. It's a great way to get in on the action from afar! #notatcue has also been established for folks who were unable to score a ticket but are sharing anyway!

CUE is not merely a yearly event. They offer a series of workshops and trainings year round. They also have a monthly magazine for members. Not a member? Our local affiliate is East Bay CUE. They are a friendly bunch who host smaller scale local events.

Twitter sometimes gets a bad rap. It isn't just about Kardashians and what people are serving for dinner. Twitter is an amazing platform that is swiftly being taken over by teachers. Whether you are already a Twitter aficionado or brand new to the platform, I do recommend creating an account and dedicate it to education. Do a search on #kindergarten to see what other kinder teachers are up to. Do a search for #NGSS and get the latest on the Next Generation Science Standards. Try #PUSDedtech or #PUSDcollab to see what folks closer to home are up to! You can follow me @jogireland. If you are new to Twitter...this week...just make an account and do a search on #cue16. You don't have to say a word...just see what other educators are up to!
Breakout EDU is a gamification platform that is applicable to any grade level and any content matter. At its heart is collaboration, problem solving, and critical thinking. Go to Breakoutedu.org to learn more and gain access to an ever growing number of games being created daily by educators like you. The best part is that the games are all free...creating your breakout box is customizable to you...your classroom...your content. There is tons of support! BreakoutEdu has a Facebook group with more and more teachers grades TK-12 joining daily.

That said...I wanted to share a breakout game for St. Patricks Day. It is purely digital...take a look and let me know if you'd like me to come in and help facilitate! It's called The Night Before Saint Patrick's Day created by Sarah Wood and it is purely digital.

Give a holler if you'd like me to come and help facilitate this game or another Breakout game (I do have the standard kit ready to use) in your class.

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