Hair Dresser

Job Description:

In this field, people are in charge of doing their customer's hair. They do anything the customer wants and usually the way the customer wants it. Most of the things they do it at a fixed price, sometimes 5 dollars or sometimes up to 40 or 50 dollars, depending on what the customer wants. Most of the time,the hairdressers make about 10 or 11 dollars a hour. On some occasions the professionals can make up to 22 dollars an hour. The job outlook however, isn't very high at 13%. Some people work on their own, instead of in a salon.

Job Responsibilites

In this career, the professionls usually are cutting or barbering hair. They also will be doing people’s make up. They can inspect hair, face and scalp Or, they also recommend treatments for the hair type of people. They wash, color, and condition; cut, dry and style

But they also must clean and sanitize all tools and work areas

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Education And Training

To be a hairdresser you must enroll in a cosmetology program and study the required trade. You must be at least 16 years old and have a high school degree. There are many school near the Chicago Land area, and there are some here as well. One school is the Empire Beauty School located at 3106 W. North Ave, Stone Park, IL 60165.
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Why I Want To Go To Empire Beauty School

I want to go to this school because it seems like a very nice and has good programs that I would like to be in. I not only want to be in this school because of the programs it offers, but because I would like to major in what I like most and make a career out of it. This school's tuition is flexible to the student's needs, which is another good quality that this school has.
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