Education & Training

To become an Agronomist, a four year degree in agronomy or soil conservation is required. They also must have knowledge of plant varieties and crop diversity. An agronomist must be able to handle several diseases, fertilizers, pests, and chemical pesticides. Increasing crop yields and growth may be an additional piece of knowledge that can assist them in a typical day. Before any of this, they must be able to professionally interact with farmers.

Typical Day Being an Agronomist

A typical day usually depends on the season. For instance, in the winter, a lot of work is done preparing for the planting season.

On a normal day, an agronomist spends time working in the fields and researching. A lot of days consist of observations in fields of corn, soybeans, alfalfa, and other crops grown in that specific area. Soil testing is usually another part of being an agronomist.


The salary of an agronomist can range from $31,000 to $86,000. The median salary is around $50,000.


Adell Coop, Country Visions, and Kettle Lakes Coop may be some places where agronomy jobs can be found in this area.

Negative Aspects

Traveling and weather conditions may be disadvantages of being an agronomist.