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Fill in the Blank

Precursor to the modern day canon, ____________ were used in ancient warfare to sling projectiles at enemy forces from afar.



n. an ancient mechanical device for hurling missiles

n. a modern mechanism for launching aircraft from the deck of a ship

tr. v. and intr. v. to hurl or launch suddenly (as if from a slingshot): to spring up

Other forms

adj. catapultic
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weapon, slingshot, sling


harmless, weak, sword


Often referred to as catapults, ballistas varied slightly. Rather than slinging the ammo around to gain momentum, they acted more like a crossbow, using the tension in the string to shoot the projectiles.

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Funny Videos - Farmers Launch Car out of Mideval Catapult

Choose the Incorrect Usage

  1. Manning the catapults in ancient warfare was a dangerous task as soldiers could become caught on the ammo and unwittingly slung towards enemy forces.
  2. The crusades were a catapult in ancient times with war ravaging Europe and the Middle East claiming
  3. The navy renowned for using modern catapults to launch aircraft from the short runways on their ships.
  4. Despite having released many books, it was the publication of the Hunger Games that catapulted Suzanne Collins to fame.