The Holocaust

Huda Ahmed Academic 1

What was the Holocaust?How The Holocaust was mass murder of Jews. Adolf Hitler was the source of the problem.Hitler thought that German people needed to be perfect, He blamed Jewish people for the lost of World War 1.So in order to get what Hitler wanted... The Nazi's killed about 17 million helpless people.

Concentration camps were how Jews were killed. Most of them thought that they were just going to take a shower.They assumed this because they had to take there clothes off, so they thought that they were coming back for it. But then & there their life had come to an end. All because of Hitlers plans.Many people have moved along in their life just like George Brady. George Brady was at concentration camp at Auschwitz with his sister Hana. Sadly Hana had died,but George survived due to his trade as a plumber. George has had a happy life since.

Although millions of Jewish adults & children died, some are still alive today. They lived through the horrors of concentration camps and being separated from their families. Many of there memories probably still frighten them. However the Jewish Holocaust are strong people who have moved on. Just like George Brady.
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