Guide to Bunburying

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Background on Bunburying

What is Bunburying?

Bunburying is the act of creating a fictional character and using him or her to get out of unpleasent situations.

The Purpose of Bunburying

The purpose of bunburying is to get out of unpleasant and often unwanted situations without seeming rude to the person who is asking you to do something.

How to Become a Successful Bunburyist

Step 1: Creating a Bunbury

When you are creating a bunbury you must be very careful. First of, you must create a believeable background. If your bunbury is not believeable you might be confronted by the people you are trying to fool. Try to make your bunbury a boring person so your friends will not want to visit him or her. Another good way to keep your friends from finding out about your bunbury is to have him or her live far away. If yout bunbury lives to close to the person you are trying to trick they may insist on visiting your bunbury. When creating oyu bunbury you must have a reason to visit your bunbury. If you jsut tell your friend that you are visiting your bunbury for no specific they may get suspicious to why you visit him or her so often.

Step 2: Using your Bunbury

Be very cautious when using your bunbury. Make sure you have already created a good reason for why you nood you visit your bunbury. If you do not know what to say it will be ovious that you are lying. Tell the person you are tricking that you are very sorry but you cannot do what they want you to do because your bunbury is having a problem. Express sadness that you cannot attend the event and, if you can, promise to do something with them that is more to your liking. Make sure not to overuse your bunbury. I suggest to only use it to get out of the worst things. At most use it once a month. If you use it every week, for example, you friends will get very suspicious and will probably find out.

Step 3: Staying Under the Radar

After you have told your friends that you need to visit your bunbury, do not relax. Most bunburying is discovered during this stage. Make sure that you know where the person you are tricking is. If you happen to walk next to a building they are in they might see you. Also, make sure to steer clear of anyone you friend might know so that they do not tell your friend.

Step 4: Aftermath

When your bunburying is done you need to have a good story to tell your friend. Make sure your story is boring and while telling your friend the story make sure to tell them that you would have much rather been with them. If you are very careful you shouldn't have any problems.


Common Problems

The person you are tricking sees you.

You are confronted by your friend and he or she wants to see your bunbury.

Your friend finds out the truth about your bunburying.

Avoiding and Getting out of Trickey Situations

To avoid having the person see you, you should stay at home, or know the persons schedule and do not go where they are going to be. If the person does see you tell them that you got a call from your bunbury just a few minutes ago and that you were trying to find them.

To avoid being confronted you should make sure not to overuse your bunbury. If the person does confront you, you can tell them ok and that you will take them. Then, get a trusted vriend and have him of her pretend to be your bunbury. If all else fails, you can just kill off your bunbury.

To avoid your friend finding out about you bunbury make sure to do a very good job creating your bunbury. However, if they do find out appologize to them and do not do it again. If they are still mad stay away from them for a while until they calm down. If they are still ready to kill you, the safest path is to move away and start a new life.