Cross country culture

By:Xavier Semona


Everyone wears the standard cross country uniform from fishers high school. Along with a jacket and sweat pants for winter. For shoes we wear any kind of Nike running shoe.


We are a communist nation. What I say goes no if, ands, or buts. I decide what you do, eat, and say.

We have coaches to help you run better and faster

Come enjoy the fun

frequently asked questions

Why are you a communist nation? What can i do to leave? What can i do to help? What can i do to survive? How can i outrun the running of the run overs?

the run overs

These are our fastest, biggest, strongest runners and they love to run over, trip, and just mess up the slower and newer runners,


You can spend your money however you want but I decide what gets produced.


We are Christians, that is our faith no others aloud except for ones connected to Christianity,


Here at cross country nation we are carnivores. We love meat and we rarely have anything else because that is just how we are.


Cross country is our sport but we also have track.


We do not have a dance because i feel that it is unnecessary
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