Communication skills

A guide on communication skills & potential barriers.

Effective Communication.

Barriers to Effective Communication.

A barrier to communication means something that prevents you from communicating effectively.

A barrier to general communication is not being able to be clear to improve on this you could practice talking to people about off topic items in order to improve your ability to talk without having to think about how to.

A barrier to interpersonal communication could be your body language and eye contact to improve on this you could try to look at someone between the eyes, whilst taking regular breaks to look behind them, it is best to practice this with a friend or family member as you will be most comfortable with them. To improve on body language, try to sit up straight and smile whilst communicating with others, whilst doing this relax your arms and sit still if you are on a chair which swings.

A barrier to written communication is your layout, you may not follow a correct layout, format and indentation when sending letters and emails to improve observe letters and text messages you are sent. Most texts will appear layout free, with no or little attention to the grammar choice. Emails on the other hand will almost always be laid out the same, with a "Dear" in the top left hand corner with professional word choices and grammar. Try to meet this criteria when sending emails