Andrew Jackson:

Time Line of Presidency

The Corrupt Bargain

In the presidency election of Andrew Jackson,the candidate who had the most votes.But who actually ended up winning was John Quincy Adams.The winner was decided by Henry Clay,he made a bargain with Adams in return to become the Senate of State.The Bargain is called this because Adams corrupted the candidate electon.In 1828 Jackson did win the election,Jackson won with the help of the amount of the common man able to vote.

Trail of Tears

"During the Trail of Tears,thousands of Cherokee died from disease,starvation,and harsh weather.They were forced to walk hundreds of miles to their new land in the West."

The Indian Removal Act in 1830 authorized the removal of the Natives to move West from their Mississippi River home.Cherokee resistance removal led to disagreements between Jackson and the Supreme Court.President Jackson supported the policy of removing the Native Americans.

The Nullification Crisis/ National Back

During Jackson's Presidency,Andrew Jackson passed two tariffs the Tariff of 1828 & the Tariff of 1832.The south was the most unpleased about these Tariffs because they had little manufacturing and imported goods.

South Carolina threatened to secede from the union,so Congress passed the Force Bill,to force South Carolina to pay their taxes.This bill gave Jackson the power to use the military and threaten to kill/hang John C.Calhoun.So South Carolina had to accept the 1833 Compromise Tariff.

Jackson thinks that the National Bank was a tool for the wealthy so he slowly srated to take away their money and started seperating the money in the States Banks.This will soon make the National Bank Die.

Political Cartoon Description

In this Cartoon, it shows how Congress doesn't care how the people will be affected when a Tariff is passed, like the Tariff of 1828 and the Tariff of 1832.In the cartoon the bigger man represents Congress and their power and his axe represents all the men and women who are going to have their lives slaughtered from not having enough manufacturing or imported goods to have a stable life,like in the North.

Letter to the Editor


The day before the "Trail of Tears" my family had been in the fields gathering corn and wheat,until a white man came to give everyone one last warning about leaving our Mississippi water front. My family got together the food we gathered in a bag so that we would at least have some food to eat while we traveled but the others,refused to pack up.

That next afternoon soldiers came to take us all off the land and start moving west to Oklahoma. No one really now the reason why we had to leave but there were rumors that "Big Knife" thought there was gold in our river.After that day I have always hated "Big Knife" and I will soon take revenge for my fallen friends and family.

Letter to Editor

Perspective:Factory Worker

After working for the Factory for 5 years,I was approached by a tall man wearing a costly suit walking straight towards me.His name was Andrew Jackson and he came to me was a question of "Did you vote for me" I responded with the answer "Yes" because I truly did and who won't because if you don't your basically sinning to the Lord almighty. After that I soon realized that I was at the President's home being asked if I would like to support him.

And I know this sounds like the "Spoil System" but It really isn't because I get a better job working in the government,even though I have no skills in that category what so ever. That's okay right?