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Publication 6 : 9/16/2019

Our journey... #180daysofwhy...#studentsareourwhy.....#thisiswhywedothis

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Welcoming Students with a SMILE

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Notes from Dr. Miller...

We got the whollllllllle world in our hands, we got the wholllllllle future in our hands! I am soooo reminded of this each day engaging with students at all fuels my #whywedothis!

Can't believe we've been in school for 12 days and have accomplished so much, everyone has stepped up and into their roles for ensuring a great opening...thank you for all working together..its just sooooo appreciated and valued...

I am especially enjoying walking through classrooms, feeling and watching our entire staff build positive relationships with our students while at the same time maintaining high expectations and a safe environment for them to learn.

If we've accomplished this much in 12 days, I can't wait to look back in June 2020 and reflect on our journey from beginning to end. Remember to take care of your mind, body, and spirit so we are mentally prepared to deal with whatever comes our way. Our students depend on us so we have to take care of ourselves, mentally and physically. Please continue to keep me in the loop of communication, and let me know how I can continue to support our GOMPERScommunity.

Thank you for all you do you are proud to be a part of #TEAM GOMPERS.


B2SN the best PARTNERSHIP opportunity to engage PARENTS for the Year!

Tuesday is Back to School Night.

This important evening is an opportunity to share the grade-level CCSS curriculum, classroom/schoolwide expectations and special activities/events in your class. Parents are our partners in education and we love when we have the opportunity to share how they can be helpful in their child's academic success.

Remember to share the change regarding benchmarks and the use of a new assessment RAPID, as well as the retention policy being revised (info to come later in the school year). This is also a wonderful time to share something about yourself so that families know your teaching experience, other roles in life (parent, coach, etc.), and things you do for fun.


Looking forward to a great Back to School Night! in #GATORNATION

Goguen's Gators developing the foundational skills for literacy success!

Pictures of #GatorNation....are always welcomed, please send!!!

Please send me pictures of happenings in your classroom..does not have to be a "big" project just the kids learning. I use these for the weekly bulletins (staff only) and also add these to the yearbook grade level sections.

Send them to my email:

Staff Collaboration...19-20: Building toward Consistency of Instructional Practices and Rigor Expectations

Staff Collaboration Agenda 9/19 @ 7:45

September 19 (Sit By Grade Level/Department)

Understanding Instructional Expectations, Instructional Pathway, and Action Plan Development-

Dr. Miller: 7:45 to 8:10

Grade Level Time: 8:10 - 8:45

Instructional Focus Area(s)

Creating Equity and Access through purposeful learning intentions....Walkthrough Noticings

Purposeful and intentional planning in CCSS that is grounded in clarity of what we want all students to know and how they will demonstrate their understanding is supported with DAILY LEARNING intentions.

Look at these examples for daily learning intentions:

1:1 Data Meeting

The NEW LROIX Data Dashboard

Click the embedded link to view the LROIX video:

This document should be completed prior to the meeting with Dr. Miller. Click the embedded link to view the GOOGLE form for the data meeting:

Click the embedded link to view the Google doc for the schedule:

STULL Participants for 19-20 - 9/16

Annual Meeting for participants to review the process for observation and evaluation, Monday, September 16 @ 8:10 - 8:40

Click Embedded link for names:

U6: Creating a Caring Culture & Climate

A Tale of Two Teachers | Melissa Crum | TEDxColumbusWomen

School Leadership...........

Understanding what is SHARED Decision Making? 9/18

Come hear a presentation by ERO and TALB on what is shared decision making? What and how might it be beneficial to implement as we move forward in the next journey as a school community.

9/18 @ 7:45am (Voluntary but paid attendance)

Please note:

1. All are welcome to attend.

2. Once the presentation has concluded, there are specific steps identified for moving forward with an SDM committee at Gompers.

LBUSD, School Deadlines, Protocols and Structures......

ES PE Certification

Additional PE equipment has been ordered to support the successful implementation of CA physical education requirements. Check your box for the certification document.

PE Pacing Guides...Click the embedded link:

The 1st certification document is due 9/30.

Staff Parking lot sate consistently left open

Safety Alert! The staff parking lot gate leading to the middle school hallway has been left unlocked 5 times this past week. Please ensure the padlock is all the way locked into place and pull to check that it locked.

Thank you.

Please join the Gompers PTA..they do so much for our school. $10..Our goal is 100% for staff!!!

Happenings in Gompers K8 Community

Gompers Bulletin "parent news"

This parent bulletin is sent via email and text message to parents each week. It will also be available on our school's website.

Gompers IEP Calendar

Click Link to access

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