South Australia

Maddy magyar


South australia has an arid/semi arid climate. It is warm all year round, summers are hot and humid where temperatures can reach one hundred degrees with ninty percent humidity. Winters are still warm, temperatures are in the eightys with very low humidity.


There are many beutiful land forms in South Australia. Some of these include Sturt Stony desert, Simpson desert, Great Victoria desert, Nullarbor plain, lake Eyre, Gairdner, Torrens, Frome, the Murry river, and the Lofty-Flinders mountain range.

Natural resources include: coal, oil, gold, natural gas, uranium, and silver.


The first people to arrive to South Austrailia were the Aborigines, they came around fourty-thousand years ago. The British arrived in the early nineteenth century. They were allowed to become a self-governing colony in 1857. South Australia became a part of The Common Wealth of Australia in 1901

Land Use

56% of South Australia's land is used for nature preserves.

6% of land is used for dry land farming.

The rest of the land is used mainly for cattle farming.


Much like our educational system, parents can chose to send their children to a public school, privet school, or Catholic school. Kids are required to attend school until they are 18.


The main religion is Christianity, but it's required to be excepting of all religions

Animals and fauna

South Australia's wildlife is very diverse, but their are only a few large mammals like the dingo, other smaller mammal Iclude the Quoll and the Tasmanian Devil. There is over 140 different species of marsupial including the Kangaroo, Wambat, and the Koala.

South Australia is home to many, many, different types of plant, although it is a dry area. There are some prehistoric plants like, Cycad palm tree and the grass tree. It is also home to many wildflowers Like kangaroo paw, Waratah, And the Bankish.


Some of South Austrailia's problems include pollution in drinking water and dietary problems for the natives.

Culture and food

South Australians have a very laid back life style. They enjoy a soccer and cricket. Their main language is is English. They enjoy eating meals containing barbecued meat, and sea food. South Austraila uses their Independence day as a day to reflect and a christmas meal would be seafood and ice-cream. They use a Christamas shrub instead of a tree