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Fine Arts Faire

On May 14th the Clintonville Middle and High School Fine Arts departments combined to put on an event that captured and showcased student artwork and musical performances. With over 800 pieces of artwork on display, it was inspiring to see all of the beautiful work done by Clintonville students from grade 5 through 12. In addition to the array of 2-D paintings,drawing, watercolors, prints and 3-D pieces students from CMS and CHS performed instrumental solos, duets and an outstanding performance by the CMS Jazz Band. There was a great turn out of guests with members from the community, schools, family members and parents, and students who attended the event. A huge thanks goes out to the students and parents who helped set up and take down all the artwork. It would not have gone as smoothly without your help. We look forward to next year's Fine Arts Faire and hope that you can attend and celebrate again in the accomplishments of our students at Clintonville Public Schools!

Robotic Arm

Evan Tennie brought an old robotic arm, collecting dust in storage, back to life. Mr. ROse challenged Evan to research the robotic arm and Evan spent almost 80 hours of research and work to make the arm function again.
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Victory Olympics in Gillett

On May 21st the middle school sent 10 students to the Victory Olympics in Gillett. The goal of Victory Olympics is that every student receives an opportunity to successfully participate in as many events as they choose. They were able to participate in horseback riding, an obstacle course, basketball, mini golf and much more. Success was not measured by who was first, second or in third place, but by what the students' were able to achieve. Everyone was a WINNER! The students had a blast and truly enjoyed their experience
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Miss Wisconsin Presentation

Mrs. Rose's Art Classes

Students in Mrs. Rose's Art classes work on a variety of projects as the year came to a close.

Penny War!!!

Dear Clintonville Middle School Staff and Students,

I know you are all anxious to know the who the winning team is. While we wait for the totals to be finalized, I wanted to take a moment and thank each and every one of you for your contribution. My team and I are still in shock at your overwhelming generosity.

In total your school raised an astonishing, mind-blowing $832.11! This is truly amazing and far beyond our wildest dreams! Based on the average expense of $500 for a child to attend camp, your school has covered the entire cost of sending one child and just over half of the cost of sending a second child to camp. All of us here at Clintonville Pizza Hut think this an awesome accomplishment! We are so proud of you!

Camp Heartland is near and dear to many of our hearts here at Clintonville Pizza Hut. We are delighted to have been able to share this with you. We also hope that you had as much fun participating in Penny Wars as we did!

Thank you all so very much for Sharing your Hearts with Camp Heartland!

Raina Garsow & Staff

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6th Grade Butterfly Garden

Ms. Von Ruden's 6th grade Science classes have been working hard to create a butterfly garden in front of the middle school. This will provide beauty and color to our school, as well as a habitat and nectar for butterflies and honey bees. Students worked hard to loosen up the soil with different gardening tools and a rotary tiller. They also worked hard to put plants into the ground and spread mulch. There was a lot of sweat, laughs, and hard work put into this garden that we hope can be enjoyed by many for years to come.

Calendar Items

8th Grade Field Trip

Wednesday, June 3rd, 8am

Madison, WI, United States

Madison, WI

Brewer Apparel Day

Thursday, June 4th, 6:30pm

255 North Main Street

Clintonville, WI

Proudly wear your Milwaukee Brewers gear.

8th Grade Rotary Breakfast

Wednesday, June 10th, 8-10am

64 Green Tree Road

Clintonville, WI

Last Day of School!!! HALF Day!!!

Friday, June 12th, 8am

255 North Main Street

Clintonville, WI

End of the Year Incentives!

Thursday, June 11th, 8am

Various Locations

  • Bay Beach - Dress for the weather. Bring a packed lunch/snacks or money to purchase a lunch/snacks at Bay Beach. ***

  • Funset Boulevard - Bring a packed-lunch/snacks or money to purchase these at Funset. Funset has a restaurant that includes a kid’s meal option for $5.25 plus tax. ***

  • Shawano - Dress for the weather. Bring a packed lunch/snacks or money to purchase these. ***

  • CPS - Regular lunch options available at CMS.

***Let your homeroom teacher know if you need a packed lunch from the cafeteria. (a.s.a.p.)


Student Medications

We ask that parents remember to pick up their medications from the office on the last day of school. The school nurse will dispose of all medication not picked up by parents.

After School Pickup

We ask that parents picking up their children after school in the side parking lot by the playground please remember to park in the back two rows of that parking lot. We have many children running between busses and have had several close calls. Please talk with your child and make sure they stay on the sidewalk until they reach the back of the parking lot. We appreciate your help as we try to keep our students safe.

Access Student Information

You can access your students' attendance, grades, and other information via Skyward's Family Access any time and anywhere. Just use Skyward Family Access.


Next fall there will be a Can Tab War (similar to a penny war) so make sure you save up as much as you can over the summer! Get your relatives and neighbors involved and have them collect for you too!

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