The Neuron

by: Mckenzi Mowdy

Facts About a Neuron

1. A neuron weighs 10 grams 2. You have over 100 billion neurons in your brain 3. A single neuron can't act on its own 4. There are six parts of a Neuron 5. the six parts of a neuron is cell body, nucleus, dendrite, axon, myelin sheath, and axon terminals

Neuron Description

The cell body is the big daddy of the Neuron. The Nucleus is in the middle of the cell body. Then the dendrite extensions out of the cell body that looks like branches. The Axon is a longer extensions who's job is to send eletro-chemical signals to other neuron.The Myelin Sheath is a series of fatty cells wrapped around the axon.The Axon Terminals is where the elctro-chemical signals traveled.