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This Week in Band at PMMS (Jan 25-29, 2021)


All 6-12 students are moving to an all-day virtual schedule starting Tomorrow (Mon, Jan 25) with an additional option to start hybrid instruction on Feb. 22. These changes will require us to change our lesson schedule for the second semester.

The band class schedule will remain fairly similar to what has been done thus far this year. To see the exact schedule click HERE.

We will resume lessons starting Feb 1st. We are in the process of reconstructing the lesson schedule. As soon as the lesson schedule is complete we will share it with you and your student. We will offer lesson spots this Wednesday, however, if your child is interested in signing up for this optional opportunity. We would love to see them! (More info below).


Although we do not yet have a lesson schedule set, we are offering one-on-one lessons to students this coming Wednesday on an optional sign-up basis. If your student would like a lesson, they just need to sign up on the document linked below.

Band Pride!

With your permission, we would love to share photos of your child and/or family with your band sign on our social media platforms. If you would like to participate send your photo to:

Jazz Moving To 4th Quarter

With all of the changes taking place to the schedules, Mrs. Haraldson and I have decide to postpone 6th and 7th grade jazz until fourth quarter. Our hope is that this would allow everyone time to adjust to the new routine AND potentially allow us to meet in person closer to the end of the year. (Now that would be fabulous!)

Either way, we will plan to communicate with all of the students as we get closer to fourth quarter. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Previous Information

General Booster Meeting Sunday Feb 21

Next Sunday, Feb 21st, at 5:30 PM the Band Boosters will hold a general booster meeting. On the agenda will be updates regarding the 2022 middle school class schedule, Sound of Sun Prairie, hybrid band, fundraising, and financial information.

The meeting will last less than an hour via Zoom. Please consider attending. Your voice in this organization is important.

Important Hybrid Band Information

Last week PMMS sent out our PMMS Hybrid Handbook. This contains a LOT of information about current Hybrid plans providing a glimpse of what school will look like starting Feb. 22.

As families consider their choice between remaining in virtual school for the third quarter or moving to hybrid learning on February 22, we have had questions about what band classes would look like in hybrid learning.

The school district has been developing a mitigation plan for band classes that includes:

  • layers of mask wearing

  • social distancing

  • bell covers with filters.

This plan is based on the preliminary results of a study of aerosol rates produced by wind instrumentalists, vocalists, and even actors, and how quickly those aerosol rates accumulate in rehearsal space and effective mitigation measures. The study was led by the National Federation of State High School Associations and the preliminary results can be found here. The study was conducted concurrently at University of Colorado and University of Maryland to compare results and it is currently in the final stages of peer review and publication. The publication of the study is expected soon.

Currently the Dane County mask mandate does not permit playing wind instruments (brass and woodwinds) indoors in schools. Once published, this new study will provide more specific information for Dane County Public Health to review and to determine appropriate implementation of the information in the study. Our hope is that with this new research, DHS and DPI will update mitigation requirements allowing us to return to in-person playing in band with appropriate mitigation measures in place.

We are developing several plans for band in the hybrid format set to begin Feb. 22 that will also incorporate students that choose the virtual learning option.

  • We can share that we WILL still meet as a class!

The format of our in-person instruction will include a variety of musical activities such as:

  • drum circles

  • music composition

  • and more if wind playing still isn’t viable.

We will continue the following instruction:

  • Students online will still perform on their instruments participating in activities similar to what we have done in the past.

  • Band lessons will continue to take place on a weekly basis as well. As more information is made available we will have multiple plans to keep making music in any format.

Regardless of the method of instruction, we promise to work as hard as we can to provide your children with the best music education possible. We are dedicated to their growth through music and appreciate your continued dedication and support.

BTN Solo Festival to Replace WSMA Festival

We have found a new option for students interested in submitting a recording of their solo for feedback from a guest clinician. The Beyond The Notes organization has just announced an online solo festival. The entry fee is only $5. This will replace the WSMA festival experience this year. More information about dates and procedures will be forthcoming!

Register for Band at Cardinal Heights!

Students at Cardinal Heights LOVE their band experience! Check out this brief video highlighting their ensembles and what students have to say about band at C-Heights!

Here are just some of the things to look forward to in 8th grade band:

  • A trip to perform at the Beyond The Notes Music Festival at the Kalahari in Wisconsin Dells.
  • Wind Symphony overnight tour of major universities in Wisconsin and beyond.
  • Jazz Ensemble performances at the Big Band Dance as well as Jazz Fest.
  • Opportunity to join the award-winning, Sound of Sun Prairie Marching Band!

Please take a moment to look at this document with information about all of the band classes and activities that Cardinal Heights has to offer. Wind Symphony audition information is also included.

At Cardinal Heights, we welcome all students to participate in band! Please feel free to share the above information with anyone who may be interested in band - even if they have never participated before!

Need Supplies?

Visit Ward Brodt's website to order any band supplies you need. Order what you need and then at check out you can choose home delivery or school delivery under the shipping section. If you choose school delivery, your supplies will be delivered to Cardinal Heights and we will make sure you get them. If you are unsure what kind of reeds/valve oil/slide grease to purchase, we have attached a list of recommended supplies here.


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