Wind Energy

How does Wind Energy work?

Wind Energy

Wind Energy is the use of the wind to power a city or country. Wind energy is made by the wind blowing on the blades causing it to move and making mechanics on the inside of the turbine make electricity.

History on Wind Energy

The turbines first started off as propelled boats cruising along the Nile River around 5000 B.C. They have evolved so much to where they make electricity, grind grains, and pump water.

Cost of Wind Energy

The normal price for a typical family to own a wind turbine is $4,000-$9,000. The price is only for a 1 KW turbine, a 100 KW turbine would cost around $350,000.

Some types of Wind Turbines

Wind Energy is a more clean source of electricity

Wind Energy Pros and Cons

Wind Energy Pros: Wind Energy is clean which means it releases no pollutants. It doesn't rely on combustion of fossil fuels. It also doesn't cause acid rain or greenhouse gases also it only covers a small portion of land.

Wind Energy Cons: Wind Energy is expensive to start. It causes a lot of noise they also kill birds and bats that fly into the blades.

Map of Wind Turbines in U.S.A

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Map of Wind Energy in North Carolina

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This is Wind Energy

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