The Little Bright Star

There was once a little star in the night. Her name was Aphmau. She was shining up above the world so high like a diamond in the sky. In the night sky, on January 4, 2006, I saw the star in the sky. I was the one to use her light for the night when I was reading the lullaby. She was the brightest light in the night.


The Degu is a rodent from South America, Savannah. When they are in the wild, they dig burrows underground to look out for danger. They are not nocturnal animals, and they are very energetic in the day. If in the wild, they would go and forage for food together as a group. They can not get wet to take a bath, or they can get sick and die. They would find a substance called “Blue Dust” in their environment to bathe. If a Degu does get pregnant, she is pregnant for 90 days. Usually in one litter, there are nine pups. They can get along with their own kind, but can get very close with their human. If they bite your finger or hair, that is just their way of socializing.

We Bought a Zoo

There was a family that was just the dad and two kids. The mom had passed away and Benjamin and Dylan were splitting apart. The little girl is what was keeping the family bright. One day, the dad and Rosie, a little girl, were looking at a house to move to. Dylan didn’t want to move, but they were looking anyways. The two were at the end of the list of houses and the little girl was curious. Rosie told her dad that she wanted to look at this last house that was beautiful. When they got there, they loved it and explored around. While they were looking, they found a beautiful suprize.


Using Youtube is really easy. If you want to watch or listen to something, you can use Youtube. Go to the search bar on the top of the screen, and enter whatever you want. It can be a TV show or your favorite song. You can search up “cute baby animals” or something like that. Then if you record a video that you think is really cute or funny or both, YOU can post it on Youtube yourself. The purpose is to share and watch videos online.

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