News from The Pit: Citation Edition

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Give Thanks: Cite Your Sources

Happy Citation Season!

Who's working on research? Everyone.

Grade 12 students are digging into high-level investigation papers in their IB courses.

Grade 9 students are preparing research-based "TED" style speeches.

Grade 7 students are finding facts about weather patterns.

These are just a few of the research projects going on at the moment.

With all of this research happening, there are bound to be questions about how to CITE the sources we find.

Here's a round up of some tools, tricks, and FAQs to help with citation and plagiarism questions. As always, ask your librarian if you are stuck along the way.

NOTE: All links here are also found on the library's Citation page.

AISB's Citation Checklist

Click here for a printable checklist to be sure your citations are in order


How do I cite a source that doesn't have an author?

Use the first entry in that source's works cited entry. If it's the article title, cite that.

How do I cite paraphrases that come all together in a paragraph?

Cite each separately at the end of the sentence or even within the sentence. Cite any ideas that came from your sources wherever they appear.

What if my information was someone's idea but I found it in a different book?

Use "in-text" and parenthetical citations. Give the name of the person in the sentence ("in-text") and then cite the book or article in parenthesis (parenthetical citation).

For example:

According to XYZ famous person, the blah blah blah idea (Author of the book 73).

Works Cited Example

See what your Works Cited page should look like (via the Online Writing Lab at Purdue)

Tricks and Tools


Ways to keep track of sources as you go.

Use a numbering system. Give each source a number and write that number next to each note from that source. Also include the page number, for example: #1, pg 13.

Create a new page for each batch of notes from each source. For digital notes: Link each page of notes into one main research document to keep everything in one place. If you want to keep everything in one doc, use the "insert bookmark" feature to zip to different sections.

Create your Works Cited page along the way, THEN do your parenthetical citations at the end. When you use an idea from a source in your paper, use your number system and page number to keep track of where the idea came from.


Get the EasyBib add-on in your google docs. It makes citations for you and adds them to the end of your paper. This works for basic citations. (In your doc, choose "add-on" and choose "easy bib - it's orange)

For more types of sources (videos, images, and such), EasyBib online has more complete options.

Google Research Tools will also make citations for you, however the show as footnotes at the bottom of the page. Copy/paste them to create a Works Cited list. Choose "Tools" > "Research" and paste in URL or title or author to get the citation. See details here.

Grades 9-12: All citations created with EasyBib or Google Research Tools should be double checked for correct formatting. See our school's style guide or Purdue OWL for correct MLA formats.

AISB's Style Guide

Check the format of each of your citations here.


Works CIted: The complete list of sources used in your paper. It's alphabetized, double spaced, with no lines between entries, and each entry is reverse-indented ("hanging indent")

Parenthetical Citation: The short information that points to the full entry in the Works Cited list. (Lincoln 39).

In-text Citation: A reference to an author and/or title within a sentence. These must be accompanied by a parenthetical citation.

For example: In his book A Short History of the Universe, Bill Bryson shows us how XYZ happens (39).

Footnotes: Notes at the bottom on a page that give extra information. AISB uses parenthetical citations to cite sources, not footnotes.

Ask a Librarian

Please contact me if you need help. We can make an appointment, or I can answer a quick question online. You may also wish to share a google doc with me, for comment.