Government Introduction!

Everything you need to know about our government!

Executive Branch

  • The president leads the executive branch.
  • They carry out and veto laws.
  • They direct national defense and direct the government.
  • This branch works in the White House.

Judicial Branch

  • The Supreme Court, made of nine judges, leads the Judicial Branch.
  • They review laws in this branch.
  • They decide cases that involves states' rights.
  • This branch works in the Supreme Court building.

Legislative Branch

  • The House of Representatives includes 435 voting members, and the Senate includes 100 people.
  • These people make up the Congress, and they lead the Legislative Branch.
  • They make laws, then send them to the president for approval.
  • This branch works in the United States Capitol.


  1. Which branch has 435 voting members?
  2. Which branch decides cases that involves states' rights?
  3. Which branch carries and veto's laws?
  4. Which branch reviews laws?
  5. Which branch works in the United States Capitol?
  6. Which branch directs national defense and the government?