Paw Prints

Norfolk Jr. High

By Aaron Bonderson

Nursery Rhyme

Tortoise Rocks Rio

In the 2016 Rio Olympics in the 400 meters, the tortoise and the hare faced off. There was trillions of dollars bet, on the hare, for he was a twenty second favorite. The hare lived up to his expectations in the first 300 meters, but he fell asleep, literally which allowed the tortoise to take the lead. Then the huge underdog wins by a margin of four seconds, which allowed tens of thousands of people in Las Vegas to lose billions of dollars.

Feature Story

US Shows up the British with 104 medals(with Olympic facts)

The Olympic Flag was founded by Pierre de Coubertin. The flag contains five rings and a white background. The rings colors are blue, yellow, red, black, and green because those colors appear on every flag in the world.
The Olympics were also founded by Pierre de Coubertin, too. He invented the Olympic motto which would be swifter, higher, stronger. The athletes must recite an oath before the games begin. The first Olympic ceremony was at the 1908 London games. The Olympic Flame is still going on from the ancient games. The flame is ignited from the beginning to the end of the games. Did you know that the gold medals are actually made of solid gold.
The United States finished first in the medal count this year in London. The U.S. won eight gold medals in athletics alone. We won a total of 104 medals in all. They won forty-six gold medals in all. Our country won thirty-one medals in the sport of swimming. They took home the gold sixteen different times. We won 29 gold and silver medals each.
We won thirteen silvers in athletics. Get this Michael Phelps won more gold medals than the country of Greece and some other small countries. In gymnastics the U.S. took home six medals. The U.S. won more golds in the sport of swimming than the country of Korea, and Korea got fifth place overall which isn’t that bad!

Movie Review Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Ace Ventura is a cheesy detective that tries to find a stolen dolphin. The dolphin was stolen from the Miami Dolphins, because the dolphin is the Dolphins mascot.
The problem is that Ace is hired to try and find the dolphin, and he gets blamed for stealing it. But there are two suspects in the case at this point, Ray Finkle and Lois Einhorn. Ray missed a field goal to win the Super Bowl, and the entire city turns on him, so he wants to get back at them. To find out who stole the dolphin, watch the movie Ace Ventura:Pet Detective
Ace Ventura - Mental Hospital Scene (HD720p)

Survey Says...

What is your favorite kind of bread?

cheese 20%

corn 8%

whole wheat 4%

regular 0%

banana 68%

Banana Bread is the Winner

Motavational Poster

Don't be afraid to fly!

Favorite App: NFL Pro Football 2013

I like this app because I am very good at it. Football is arguably my favorite sport, so that is another reason. I have not lost a game in a while on this game, so now that I say that it’s probably a jinks, though. I like to win, so when I win it makes me feel good. I pretty much score a touchdown on offense every time I touch the ball. Defense is a challenge, so it makes it a little bit tougher, but I need a challenge.

For or Against Arguement

I'm against four days of school every week for a few reasons. Number one our sports teams would lose more and more games because we would have to cut practices early to get the players home quicker to get some sleep, and eventually we would have to shut down the sports at the Junior High. I think that would make our High School teams not as good too, because they wouldn't have been able to play in Junior High, which means they wouldn't have played as much, so I think that would make us not as good. That could ruin a chance for a really good player to get a scholarship, and I wouldn't want that, that's like taking someone's future or potential away.