Title I Parent Meeting into Spanish


The meeting will include: Title I Schoolwide Plan, District and School Goals, Parents’ Right to Know, Building Parent and Staff Capacity Parent and Family Engagement Plan, School-­‐‑Family Compact, Title I Budget, Family Engagement 1% Parental Involvement Budget, Carry-­‐‑over funds, Parent University Workshops and Parent Resource Center.

  1. Welcome by Principal Damian Bounds
    • Introduction of the Elkins Pointe Team
    • District and School Goals
  2. Title I Presentation by Dr. Gladys Peoples, Assistant Principal
    • How does our school participate in Every Student Succeeds Act?
    • What programs are put in place to help my child?
  1. What does it mean to be a Title I School? What does Title I include and who does it support?
    • Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)
    • What is our school’s Designation Status? What does this status mean?
    • What are our school’s Title I (schoolwide or targeted assistance) requirements?
  2. How does our school spend Title I money?
    • Discussion of the Budget: Consolidated Title I Fund, Parent Involvement 1% Family Engagement Budget, and Carry-over funds
    • How is Title I Parent Involvement money spent?
  3. What curriculum does our school use? The State’s high standards for testing.
    • Comparison of Math GA Milestones Student Percent Performance by Category
    • What tests will my child be taking?
    • How do these tests measure my child’s progress?
    • What proficiency levels is my child expected to meet?
  1. What is required by law for Parent and Family Engagement?
    • What is the district's Parent and Family Engagement Plan?
    • What is the Elkins Pointe Parent and Family Engagement Plan?
    • What is a School-Family Compact?

· What is the “Parent’s Right-to-Know?”

· Where is the Parent Resource Center?

  1. Elkins Celebrations, Programs and Family Engagement
    • WINN – What I Need Now Class
    • GADDOE 5-Star Climate rating and 11.8 rise in CCRPI
    • AVID Showcase School
    • TAG Trained Teachers
    • PBIS and the College House System
  2. What opportunities does the school provide for parent engagement?
  3. Closing and evaluations

Questions? Contact:

Title I Parent Liaison, Lisa O’Hanlon Cowles at ohanlon@fultonschools.org

Title III Bilingual Liaison, Koritza Rodriguez at rodriguez@fultonschools.org

We welcome parent questions and feedback! * We want to make sure you leave the meeting informed about the Title I program as well as the opportunities the school provides to get involved. *This meeting was not used to collect input but provided as an opportunity to disseminate information. Thank you for attending our Title I Annual Parent Meeting. This presentation will be linked to the website.

Enjoy “Walking Your Child’s Classes,” meeting your child’s teachers!!