UFO/Texturing/ Lighting Rendering

Preproduction Presentation by Chris Gilbert

Base Mesh Renders

Camera and Playblast Selection

This is the mock up of the Lion's Gate Bridge in Vancouver BC. I used this photo as my reference:
Big image

This video shows the camera movement and the initial rough of the chase scene:

As the UFO's bank around the bridge and dive under they will disappear into mist/cloud and then come out as they enter the foreground, with the mist/clouds parting or dispersing as a secondary motion.

Props and Models

The main goal will be a realistic render incorporating paralaxing and using various plates layers to accomplish a 3D effect. Where necessary, I will model the components needed to achieve this (example bridge/mountains/path/tree etc).

The above photo serves as the basis for what items will be modeled.

Dynamics will also be employed for the cloud/mist elements.

Colour & Lighting

I've decided to set the alien chase at dawn/dusk concentrating more on picture 2 for lighting and colour palette.

Colour Palette


This palette is for the overall theme & lighting as described in the picture below

Big image

Colour Palette for Alien Ship 1 (Evil)

Big image
Big image

Texture samples

Cloud and mist
Tree leaves samples
Additional textures: