Mount Holly Elementary School

One Team, One Dream...March 21-25 Weekly Update

Think About It...

Keep pushing. Keep fighting. We'll get it done. We have to get it done.

Monday, March 21

  • Report Cards Go Home

Tuesday, March 22

  • GBE Conferences (Holle, Kawakami, Simpson, Hayes)
  • Mrs. Bridges to visit 3rd-5th grade classes
  • Mount Holly Classroom Teachers to meet with Lesslie Classroom Teachers @ 3:00

Wednesday, March 23

  • SLO Mid-Conferences during grade level planning times (Kindergarten, First, Second, and Fourth Grade, Mrs. Pigg-2 pm)
  • Lion King Cast and Crew Practice at RHHS

Thursday, March 24

  • ALL of Mount Holly to see the Lion King at Rock Hill High School Auditorium
  • Lion King @ 7 p.m.

Friday, March 25

  • No school for students and teachers who attended the PLC conference in July
  • Lion King @ 7 p.m.

Upcoming Dates

Monday, March 28

  • Canvas Training during grade level planning times
  • Dental Van
Tuesday, March 29
  • None
Wednesday, March 30
  • Newsletter Goes Home
  • 1st grade Visitor Presentation
  • 2nd grade to field study
  • 4th grade to field study
Thursday, March 31
  • Terrific Kid Write-Ups Due
  • 5th grade field study
  • Child Study
April 1
  • None