Whitley Road Elementary School

Week 4, September 14 - 18, 2015

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Monday, 9/14

Dismissal Committee Meeting 3:30 - 4:00

Tuesday, 9/15

Wednesday, 9/16

Amy @ Principal Meeting

NO Embedded Professional Development (see Friday)

Thursday, 9/17

Faculty Meeting - 3:30 - 4:30 p.m.

Friday, 9/18

Tiffany Neal on Campus during Planning Periods - Data Room

Picture Day

From your Principal

Reminders & To-Do's:
  • Sign up for evening events - "WRES Event Sign UP" - blanks need to be filled in - once completed - pass to the next grade
  • Sign handbook receipt - due last Friday
  • Make sure your sub binder is 100% completed.
  • CHECK OUT all of the links at the bottom of the newsletter. Save them to your favorites or your bookmark bar!


  • Thank you to all everyone who worked the Ice Cream Social!
  • Congrats to Karen for $3000 in sales on Friday!
  • Shout out to April for sharing the good things that WRES is doing in the Keller ISD e-news! Teaching a cool lesson? Invite April. Doing something interesting? Invite April.
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From your Assistant Principal

HMH Online:

Last week, I forwarded an email from Chrissy, Math Coordinator regarding HMH online. Please see below.

“HMH had to re-upload the campus entirely for Math and Science. What does this mean ? All passwords were reset to the default which is Keller@123. This does include anyone who has already contacted Chrissy (or Scott) and an account was created by technology”.


-You will see signs going up in the hallways, along with shoe prints on the floor. These signs and shoe prints will be explained in detail at Thursday’s staff meeting.

-The attendance committee will be implemented again and will be part of PBIS. This too will be explained at Thursday’s staff meeting.

-You all provided great feedback regarding Office Managed Behaviors vs Staff Managed Behaviors. Due to the attention to detail that you provided, the PBIS committee will continue to look at your feedback. A finalized list is still in the works. In the meantime, we will continue to look at each issue on a case-by-case basis.

Testing Window Dates:

· BOY ISIP-I Station Reading Grades 1-4 - September 8th-18th

· BOY ISIP- I Station Math Grades 1-2 – September 8th- 18th

· AIMS WEB MAZE September 1st -15th

· AIMS WEB M-CAP 1st-15th


We will have our BOY SIT meetings the week of September 28th – Oct.2nd . We will schedule meetings for the students that meet at risk criteria and if they are a Tier 2 or Tier 3 student. If you have a student that you are concerned about and would like to have a SIT meeting during this week, please fill out the form that is in Janie’s box and place it in Tina’s box. We will try to add them to this round of SITs if the

schedule allows.

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Focus this week - EXPECTATION #5

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Word Wall Words from Great Expectations...

The following are the word wall words from Expectations #1 - #4. In your boxes, you received print outs of the GE Expectations, Sign Language, corresponding literautre, etc. Because this is school wide implementation, we should see these words across the campus, in all classrooms.

  • assistance
  • devotion
  • praise
  • unique
  • individual
  • sarcasm
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From your Counselor

Snack Pack Forms

The Snack Pack forms (bright orange note with student’s name) went out on Friday. This forms went out to the student’s in the free and reduced lunch program only. Please place the forms that come back in my box as soon as you get them. I need to get a head count by Wed. The snack pack program will begin this Friday, Sept. 18. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Library Lingo

Book Fair News

I was utterly amazed with how many teacher wish list books were purchased by the end of Friday’s ice cream social. Some students have chosen to hand deliver the books to the

specific teacher, while others left them with me to deliver. I will be putting these books in your teacher boxes if any were bought for you. Please look for the sticker nameplate somewhere on the inside cover to see who it is from! Stop. Email Mrs. Erb with an answer to one of the three questions from last weeks 6 minute video in Ms. Hill's blog. There may be a special prize waiting for you. Keep this a secret for all those who read the newsletter. Everyone that works in the building has a $5 credit to spend at the book fair. Please tell your cashier that you would like to use your one-time credit upon check-out. Use it or lose it by 11am Tuesday. The Book Fair will be open on Monday from 7:30-3:30 and on Tuesday from 7:30-11:00am. If you send a student with their money at the beginning of the day, please understand that this is the busiest time and that they will be gone longer from class than you had anticipated!

Library Books

If it is your library day, please try to remember to return student books at the beginning of the day.

Reading Bingo

I will officially be rolling out the Reading Bingo program this week when your class

comes to the library. There are some students that took advantage over the summer and worked on their red card and are already onto orange and a couple onto yellow. Everyone that needs a red card to begin will receive one in the library this week.

Also, I have had a lot of teacher interest in participating this year as well. Thank you Kaye

Hernandez for taking part in Reading Bingo last year and inspiring your peers to participate this year!

Shirt Orders

“It’s a School Thing” shirts have been ordered. They will ship to us after October 5, so be

expecting them in early October. Because there were so many ordered, the price will be a little cheaper than I originally posted. Here are the new price amounts:

  • Regular shirts are dropping from $10.30 down to $9.15
  • 2XX shirts are dropping from $13.30 down to $12.15
  • 3XX shirts are dropping from $14.30 down to $13.15

Please pay once the shirts arrive. Cash or a check written out to Karen Tassone are both

acceptable forms of payment. I charged almost $500 to my personal credit card to place

this huge order, so please be considerate in remembering to pay and don’t make me feel bad in having to come and ask you for the money.

Technology Check-out

The IST’s are still going to be using the iPads this week for testing iStation with individual

classrooms. IF time is on my side this week, AND the district has fixed the server issue so that I can download the same apps onto the devices to make them equal in offerings, then they will begin being available for check out starting the week of Sept. 21. I will keep you posted, but wanted to let you know where we stood on that.


With formal assessment taking the lead under No Child Left Behind, teachers are busy preparing their students for annual standardized tests and finding formal assessment measures to help judge student progress at benchmarks along the way. But it's important not to forget the importance of informal assessment in monitoring student growth and achievement.

Anne-Evan Williams

Clipboards: A Tool for Informal Assessment

Watch this one minute video to see how Ms. McPhillips gathers informal assessment data and how she uses it.


Hint Cards

This two minute video shows how Ms. McPhillips uses hint cards to scaffold understanding. This is a strategy that can be used across content areas.