A wonderful place

The geography

It is really hot and there and there is mountains with lots of trees and jungles.Also there is oceans and rivers .At night the stars just light up. It is really relaxing when your on the beach to.

Stuff To Do

You can go swimming in the ocean , you can go Zip Lining over a jungle. You can catamaran that is a big boat that takes over the ocean and bring you to a waterfall and climb up it too.


The food there is ok it is not the best but the breakfast is good they have eggs,bacon,sausage,potatoes,fruit and cinnamon rolls and fresh fruit juice. I was really good that was my favorite part.

Ohco Rios resort

Ocho Rios was a awesome resort there was pools palm trees really good sweet drinks,

food was ok but there was a bunch of stuff you can do a bunch of stuff. Also the people were very nice and they would help you.When it was Christmas they decorated the whole resort and the food was good that night.

At Night

At night the stars are so cool and there is a really big bonfire and people all gather a round it and dance around it to also they have people play with fire it is really cool and you can touch it and it doesn't hurt.
Dunn's River Falls - Ocho Rios - Jamaica