FDR and the New Deal

Work done by Megan, Mikayla, and Makayla


FDR also known as Franklin D. Roosevelt incorporated the New Deal to help the lives of civilians through the Great Depression. Many great sites you know today like the Hoover Dam and many state parks were created because of the New Deal.

Questions to Consider: Q & A


Q: Who is FDR?

A: FDR is the 32nd president of the US. He is responsible for the production of the New

Deal after WW1.


Q: What is the New Deal?

A: The New Deal was a way to stabilize the government and the economy for the Great



Q: How did the New Deal affect people who lived during that time period?

A: The New Deal helped provide a better quality of life and helped provide jobs and economic opportunity and stability for young men who were unemployed.


1) The CCC was a part of the New Deal Plan: Civilian Conservation Corps.

2) The Bank Holiday is from March 6th to 10th and was created by FDR.

3) FDR gave 30 evening radio addresses known as Fireside Chats.