¡May, Mamas, and Maracas!

This Week

We had a busy week once again in Room 17! We celebrated Cinco de Mayo, made Mother's Day crafts, and talked about living things and animals in the wild. Some activities for the week included making sombreros with pom poms, putting together tissue paper flowers, assembling construction paper tacos, writing our names with glue and glitter, and painting W watermelons. We also spent a lot of time counting animals!

During speech rotations, we continued to read From Head to Toe to work on our imitation skills. For example, we waved our arms like monkeys and bent our necks like giraffes. Then we worked on our matching skills by following the direction "put with same." We also identified big and small objects. We then carried that into identifying which animal was big and which was small when presented with two animals. During P.E., we tried on different hats and tapped our feet during the sombrero dance. We also danced to La Cucaracha and took turns hitting a pinata.

With our friends from room 4, we played at the water table, walked on ABC stepping blocks, and made caterpillars by poking red and green grapes through skewers. We made a zoo and also had some wild animals running around the toy area. We read books about what living things need and made observations about how our own seeds grew grass. At circle, we used Tuned into Learning songs to sing the Function Fiesta, ask/answer social questions, and answer who, what, and why questions. In addition, we discussed our feelings and then sang and danced about being happy! On Thursday, we released the butterflies (so long Bushy, Gaga, Cathy, etc.) and then had a birthday party for Ms. Mary!

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Helpful Links

If you're still looking for programs for your child to attend during the summer, you may try checking out the following:

****You should also all explore the preschool speech website that our wonderful speech-language pathologists, Diana and Michelle, created. Here you can find a variety of home practice materials, among other things! http://sbsd.k12.ca.us/domain/851


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