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Kudos - singing the praises of our staff :)

As we enter into 2016, it's natural to look back at all that happened during 2015. For me, the highlight of 2015 was coming to Trantwood! I can't thank you enough for the warm welcome and for the amazing learning community we have. Our students are most fortunate to enter into this building each day. Thank you for the work you do every day so that our students lives are enriched and fulfilled now and in the future. I am excited to see what 2016 has in store for each of you. May we all have a safe, prosperous in love and laughter as well as a healthy 2016!

January 4 - 8, 2016

Mon., Jan., 4:

Welcome Back!

Tues., Jan., 5:

SCA Officer and Homeroom Rep Meeting, 2:40 – 4:00 pm

ILT Meeting, 3:00 pm

PTA Board Meeting, 6:30 pm

Wed., Jan., 6:

Lisa Lee, OTB, 1/2 day pm

STEM, 2:40 – 4:30 pm

Thursday, Jan., 7:

Terri Hawley, OTB 1/2 day pm

Nancy Lambert, OTB, 1/2 day pm

January 11 - 15, 2016

Mon., Jan. 11:

Learning Walks all day with Ray Jones

Tues., Jan 12:

Mrs. M OTB 1/2 day pm

PAC Meeting, 3:00, collaboration room

Wed., Jan 13:

Mrs. M OTB all day

Thurs., Jan 14:

Nancy Kurz, OTB 1/2 day am

Mrs. M. OTB all day

Fri., Jan. 15:

School Club Pictures, All day

Jan Roewer, OTB, all day

Mrs. M. OTB all day

Due Dates and Reminders

  • Jan. 4 - 22: Winter RI (formerly SRI) window for gr. 3, 4, 5

  • Jan. 4 - 22 Winter MI (formerly SMI) window for gr. 5

  • Kindness COM name due to Lisa Lee on Monday, January 4.

  • Talent Ed Professional Goals due by Jan. 29

  • Talent Ed Formative Option #1 due by Feb. 5

Happy Birthday

Jan. 13 - Butch Ellis


Kudos to Kindergarten for exploring during collaboration and discovering this awesome STEM site. On this site, they found learning plans that supported their content instruction and were able to begin to answer one of the most important questions that should be answered during collaboration: How will we know they learned it?

I Make A Difference

Recipients so far this year:

Pam Jacobs/Gina Howes

Bernette Owens

Lisa Lee

Stephanie Piron

Becky McCallum

Karen Francis

Nancy Lambert

Tim Cassidy

Congratulations to Lisa Lee. Trantwood's 2017 Teacher of the Year!

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Talent Ed Deadlines

Mid-Year Professional Goals: Jan. 29

Formative Option #1: Feb. 5

Please see Mrs. Z or Mrs. M if you have any questions. We highly recommend starting your assessments early so you have time to reflect on the data and to make plans to ensure every child is learning at high levels every day.

Tasks done already? Hit the "submit" button now! :)

Instructional Technology Resources

This is a reminder that the Department of Teaching and Learning has purchased a variety of high quality technology resources to support the VBCPS curriculum in each elementary content area. We encourage you to use these where appropriate to differentiate instruction and to maximize student learning.

Integrated Cross Content Resources:

DefinedSTEM: provides online STEM performance task bank aligned to the SOLs and the VBCPS curriculum in grades k - 5.

Language Arts:

Achieve 3000: Provides digital nonfiction text aligned to the SOLs for language arts and content areas differentiated to the independent reading levels of all students (Every student should be assigned at least two articles per week) in grades 3 - 5.

CoreClicks: Provides students with a digital fiction and nonfiction text resource for independent reading time in grades k - 2.

Bookflix: Provides students with digital paired texts of fiction and nonfiction for whole group reading instruction or independent reading time in gr. k - 2.


Fastt Math: Helps students in grades 3 - 5 and grade 2 that have demonstrated efficient strategies, improve Fact Fluency during school hours.

Fraction Nation: Builds conceptual understanding of fractions during school hours in grades 3 - 5.

TenMarks: Provides a mathematical tutorial program to be used both at school and at home in grades 1 - 5. The program reassesses students and they work through lessons on their level.

ConnectEd: Provides an online textbook and various other resources to grades k - 5.

Science/Social Studies:

Five Ponds Digital Textbook: Allows students to access the course textbook at home and via multiple devices, hear text read aloud, and access textbooks from previous grade levels; also allows teachers to project textbook pages and access to teacher's annual in grades k - 2, 3, and 5.

ArcGIS (VBCPS Portal) : provides digital map-based resources in conjunction with science/social studies inquiry based lessons and is provided on the SharePoint for students and teachers to explore.

NBC Learn: provide video content based on current events and aligned to social studies content (alignment charts organized by both VBO and unit can be found under "General Information" on grade level SharePoint pages.) for grades k - 5.

Achieve 3000

The interim assessment window will be open from Jan. 11 - 31, 2016. This interim assessment is only for students categorized as "Developing Readers" based on their performance on the September administration of the LevelSet Pre-test.

As you may have noticed, the Lexile levels for students categorized as "Developing Readers" are not automatically adjusted at the end of each month. Their Lexile levels will be adjusted once they take the interim assessment.

The first time eligible students log in or on after January 11, the assessment will automatically populate. Once these students complete the January administration of LevelSet, they may proceed with the resource as usual. Therefore, it is recommended that plans be made for this LevelSet administration prior to continued use. The assessment must be completed in school.

Got questions? See Jan Roewer.


Thanks for giving thought to what you would like to learn from your peers during our fist EduCamp! Watch your email for more details about where to upload professional growth suggestions for this powerful learning day.