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Note from Mrs. Hamp

  • I am trying something new this semester with reading logs. I have created a wiki blog that the students will join and respond to a question about their book. There are more things I will be doing with this wiki blog so having everyone able to log in will be extremely helpful. In order to access the wiki blog, the students will need to create a user name and password and use a valid e-mail address. This can be your e-mail address or theirs if they have one. Please use the following user name and password set up (just in case their passwords are forgotten).


User Name: first and last name (andreahamp)

Password: 5thgraderocks

  • Please send in any clear 2-liter bottles that you were able to save over break. We will not need them right away but next week we will definitely need to have 2-liter bottles for everyone in the class.

  • At the end of the year, we will be having a class auction. The students will use their dojo points from the entire year to purchase items. I am looking for donations to help with our auction. This could be anything from candy, chips, cans of soda, small little toys, water bottles, etc.

  • Just a gentle reminder, your child needs to turn their phones on silent when entering the school building. There have been a few times throughout the semester that cell phones are going off and it is disrupting the class. I do understand the importance of why some may bring their phones to school but they need to know and understand the school policies. Please remind your kiddo of this policy as they head back to school this week.

What are we learning this week?

Phonics: No List this week

Math: We will be starting Topic 8, which will discuss order of operations and evaluating expressions. This week we will learn how to solve equations in the proper order when given multiple signs in an equation. We will also continue to practice evaluating expressions, (54 - 32) x 4 =?

Science: The Earth is broken down into 4 spheres. We will begin to explore and understand these layers (biosphere, atmosphere, lithosphere, and hydrosphere). We will begin to work through the scientific method and learn how to create a hypothesis and then observe/collect data. Throughout the unit we will be doing a variety of in class experiments to help practice the scientific methods

Reading/Writing: Understanding what we are reading and ways characters change throughout the book are important concepts that good readers possess. We will be looking at texts and understanding character traits, how characters respond to events in text and how to respond to questions based around the text we are reading.

Mark Your Calendar

January 6: Students return to school

January 7: Papa John's Pizza Night

January 11: Middle school visits during the school day

Happy Birthday!

Lily - January 6

Phonics List

No list this week