Gender and Identity

Looking at how teen boys are.


I am a 15 year old boy. I am in high school and I am a sophomore. I am mostly a laid back and chill person when I am at home. I am going to be 16 in about a month and I am trying to get a job some time after that. The only sport I do is skateboarding.

In the play Twelth Night, the character Viola is a servant to Orsino who is disguised as a young teen boy named Cesario.


I feel that positives of being a boy are being out going and willing to try more and new things. Some negtives might be that people might think we are trouble makers and have nothing else better to do with our lives.

Viola is a female that is a servant to Orsino who she loves but can't tell because of her disguise.


My peers see me as a person who is chill and a funny person to listen to. My teachers might see me as some one who tries and doesn't give up. My family most likely sees me as lazy but knows I can get a good job and keep it.

I believe that other characters in Twelfth Night see Viola as a person who has good advice stays true to her word, and always wants to help in any way possible.

Similarities and Differences

A similarity between Viola and myself is that we both want to help people out and make others happy.

A difference is that she is a very honest and serious person despite the fact that she has a disguise and I tend to joke around a lot but I am serious when I need to be.