Andrew Jackson

The Common man hero

Hardworking self made man

He was born in Waxhaws region between North and south Carolina. He was not handed everything from birth like most of the rich presidents he was born into a poor family that was in the working class many Americans where in. His path to presidency was difficult he had to work for money to pay for school. After being denied the presidency he deserved in 1824 after a corrupt deal between to politicians. He did not give up like many people might do he came back and won the next election in a landslide victory to become our 7th president.

War Hero

Andrew Jackson or Old HIckory was the general at the battle of New Orleans. Against all odds he defeated the British with a brilliant strategy. He was able to think on his feet and build a wall not to hide behind but one where we could shoot and attack while the British are helplessly trying to get up the wall. This shows we deserved are freedom and his ability to make quick and correct decisions

Destruction of the rich mans bank

He knew his power as a president and decided to destroy something that gives the rich more money and takes money from the poor. The bank was corrupt and would cut deals something that is immoral and wrong.If one bank crumbles the less will instantly fall like dominos multiple state banks will be more stable ones fall does not effect every bank and man across the nation.

Patriot from birth

Andrew Jackson from birth was for the patriotic cause and will always make the decision in the mind set of bettering the country.