Second Grade

Classroom Guidance Lessons

Second Step

The Second Step program aims to increase students' academic success, decrease problem behaviors and promote social-emotional competence and self-regulation. Second grade Second Step lessons focus on problem solving.

Unit 4: Problem Solving

Students learn to solve problems in safe and respectful ways. Students develop skills for making and keeping friends.

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Scope and Sequence

Second grade Second Step lessons are taught at THE in the following order:

Unit 4: Problem Solving

Lesson 17: Solving Problems, Part 1

Lesson 18: Solving Problems, Part 2

Lesson 19: Taking Responsibility

Lesson 20: Responding to Playground Exclusion

Lesson 21: Playing Fairly on the Playground

Learning Targets

I have identified learning targets for each second grade Second Step lesson. Learning targets are aligned with American School Counselor Association (ASCA) student standards. At the end of each Second Step lesson, students should be able to demonstrate mastery of the learning target.

Unit 4: Problem Solving

Lesson 17: I can name a problem without blame.

Lesson 18: I can name the four problem-solving steps.

Lesson 19: I can demonstrate how to take responsibility in a problem.

Lesson 20: I can define empathy.

Lesson 21: I can name one way to play fairly.