Sparkling Pride

Leader update

May week 1 Leader check in!

Quick VOLUME check in! By end of this week, here is where you should be to be pacing on track to hit your payrank GOAL.

Assoc Stylist 162TQV
Sr Stylist 323TQV
Star Stylist 645TQV
Assoc Director 1290TQV
Director 3226TQV

Sparkling Pride is on track for Director with 3762TQV.

I know many of you are going for promotions this month, and you may have stylists on your team who have their eyes set on Associate Stylist! Make sure you map it out with your upline and myself. Pace towards a weekly goal and be your team's biggest cheerleader!

Our trunk show pipeline is at 38 in-home shows. I would love for us to get that number up to 50+ and I feel confident that we can do it. We actually added 24 trunk shows as a team last week which is so awesome!

Here's what you can do this week!

1. Celebrate the amazing month of April today!! Who can you send a little notecard to? Whose facebook wall can you post some kudos on? Who can you give a shout out to in one of our team pages or at team meetup? Brag on your stylists! What are they doing to move their business forward?

2. Make sure that all new stylists get trained and have their launch date set! If you have a new stylist from 2 months ago who is rounding out Jumpstart, make sure she feels confident in booking more shows. The 2-3 month window is often when new stylists need a lot of reassuring.

3. Spend some time reviewing your goals. We are 1/4 way through the year and it's a great time to revisit your goals, adjust your plans, and seek guidance if you need it!

Map out your plan for this month!

Use the compensation plan guide below! What payrank are you going for this month? Does your team have enough trunk shows to make it happen? Here are our recommendations:

Associate stylist 4

Senior stylist 8

Star 15

Associate Director 30

If you need help mapping out your month please let me know! I am happy to guide you through it!

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Fill in your team tracker throughout the month and don't be afraid to share it with your team!! Let them know how important their contribution is, and post it in our team facebook page so we can cheer you on!

Thank you for all you to do lead your teams! XO

I just have to let you know again how truly awesome you are! For our team to hit Director, it took an extraordinary effort and that does not go unnoticed! Your support for one another is so inspiring, and it makes me so proud to have many emerging leaders too who just "get it"!! I cannot wait to celebrate as a Director team with you at Hoopla-- our team deserves this recognition and I am so honored that we will have it!! Make sure you bring your Extraordinary bracelet for our team arm party pic!!
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