Two Islands

Monuriki Island & North Sentinel Island

North Sentinel Island

The people of North Sentinel Island are called "The Sentinel Tribe". They refuse any contact with the outside world. Since they refuse contact, we know little about them. When there is a airplane or a boat that comes to the Island they shoot at it.

The Island its self is located in the Bay of Bengal. It is all forested besides the beaches it has. The government that owns the island are planning on giving it up and leaving it to its inhabitants.

Monuriki Island

This island is uninhabited and is not very note worthy. But in 2000 Tom Hanks filmed his movie, "Cast Away" on this island. This island is part of the Mamanuca islands located off of Fiji. Monuriki Island has become a popular tourist destination because of its beaches and the film. From the film, the island has a nickname of "Cast Away Island".
Monuriki, Fiji