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Student Log In Info

Greetings! We were able to get many of the students logged into active directory yesterday. There are still some that have not.

If you have a student in your class who has an iPad, but is unable to log in, then they are eligible to set up their log in. If they do not have an iPad, they are not yet eligible. Any Questions??

Question 1?: Do we have to wait for you, Mr. Dial, to set up their account if they have their iPad?

Answer 1: No! If you are ready to have your student logged in, just have them set it up on a school PC (click for directions to this process.)

Question 2?

Student E-Mail Set Up

My hope is that we can do a grade level per day in setting up emails. I will need your help in this process. I will be giving you 2 restrictions codes that must be kept from student's ears and eyes. We had some problems last year of students seeing us type in the code. They felt free to share it with others. (yep! It was a problem) Please keep the code secure.

I will give you more details about this process soon. Just know that we are planning to take care of the email next week. In the meantime, I am encouraging students to use Messaging on My Big Campus

My Big Campus App

The day after deployment, My Big Campus updated their App. (I had been waiting on it all summer) So the student have the old version of the app. It still functions, but a good rule of thumb is to treat the app like we did last year. Our Motto: "The App is Whacked" (Thanks, Thurman)

The best practice is to use Safari and log into My Big Campus there. The app is still needed to upload work to MBC. For that reason, students do need to log into the app. If they are having problems submitting an assignment, check to see if the app is logged into their account.

Additionally, the interface looks different on the iPad. Menu items appear on the left when in lanscape mode, but disappear in portrait mode. When in portrait mode, the menu can be accessed by clicking on "Menu" then "Browse".

MBC might take some getting used to, but so far, I like what they have done. To me, it is easier to look for the things I have done. For more info on MBC, check out this link