Spaulding Staff Newsletter

January 28, 2016

Summer Reading - 2016

Christine Smith and Sue Brennan have been organizing the Summer Reading 2016 initiative. The number of staff that participated in the Summer Reading 2015 was wonderful and we learned a lot about what worked and what we needed to adjust for this coming year.

We are encouraging staff to sign up to lead a book group. Staff can have their own group or can partner up with another staff member. Christine and Sue can also help with selecting a book title, if anyone is looking for advice. We are looking for book titles that are of particular interest to students, especially those that are struggling readers.

The plan for conducting the groups, at this point, is to run an activity day schedule in September. This would allow all staff to meet with groups simultaneously at the end of the day. Again, this was in response to the feedback we gathered from this past year's experience.

Students will be busy signing up for books in short order. This will allow us to make sure we have the copies of books that we need and we have all students signed up for a book group. More information will be forthcoming as we proceed with book sign ups.

NEASC Update

SHS is preparing the five-year progress report for NEASC, due March 1, 2016. Jerry Desmarais is taking the lead on writing the actual report (thank you, Jerry!). We have gathered some of the information that we will need for the report, but we may be asking for some further input. The report will be shared with the staff before it is submitted.