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Week of February 5, 2018


A middle school that cultivates scholars to be catalysts of change, life-long learners, innovators, and competitors in a global society
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The quote above was shared by Mr. Lusk as it referred to being intentional in our leadership work in each one of our schools; however, as I reflect on this quote, it applies to the daily work we do with our kids. Here at Thomas J. Rusk Middle School we all have worked hard to prepare our students to climb the "mountain" and have students be prepared for the next grade level.

  • We have held numerous PLC meetings where we have talked about best instructional practices
  • we have participated in several DDI meetings to analyze data making adjustments and instructional decisions.
  • We have also created instructional intervention plans for those students at risk
  • We have spent numerous hours discussing one of the crucial aspects to improve instruction - how we align our instruction to the depth and complexity of what the TEKS is asking us to do.
  • We have continuously engaged in a process to support the alignment of instruction to the end of the year test. I know that this process will continue to support us making sure that we expose our students to specific vocabulary, multiple representations, and various ways to ask about a given skill.

Let's be very intentional and have a laser-focus on what students need to be able to know and be able to do. Let's make sure that we

  • ensure alignment of instruction

  • provide opportunities to generate “rich classroom discussion” in the classroom.

  • progress monitor intervention plans and make instructional adjustments based on the latest formative assessment data
  • are spiraling in those skills and standards that students need throughout
  • are motivating our students and praising them for their accomplishments so that our students internalize that they have what it takes to succeed in any given task

I trust that, with every line you continue to write as this year goes by, you continue to shape dramatically the lives of our children by providing awesome and meaningful learning experiences to each one of our Rams.


  • Ms. Wells, Ms. Brown, Ms. Perez, Mr. Guillory, Ms. Iberosi, Mr. King, Mr. Patel, Ms. Mitchell, Ms. Vasquez, and Ms. Maloy for their dedication and support as they attended the first Saturday School session. I know that our students were excited and put in a lot of effort as they took advantage of this small group sessions.
  • Ms Baker for her dedication and passion for our kids and AVID program. The AVID visit was a success!!! These visits always take a whole team effort to ensure success. Please, refer to the e-mail sent previously for the various shout-outs.
  • Mr. McCann, Mr. Alarcon, Ms. Shelby, and Ms. Calderon for touring some of our elementary feeder schools to showcase and recruit student for our band program. I know that our students enjoyed playing for the students and staff at the elementary campuses.

Ms. Jones

Have you spotted art around the school? Posting student work around the school validates their work and beauties the school. Here are 3 pieces of art work done in Ms. Jones' class.


Have you completed your technology inventory? Anybody with technology assigned in office, classroom, laptop, or any other device must complete. As of the last report and two Friday with jeans, we are at 55% completion as of the last report.

Monday, February 5-
  • Planning Meeting with CIC/AP - 6th Grade (Math, SS), Science follows schedule communicated by Ms. Guerra, and 7th / 8th Grade RLA. Refer to the Planning Expectations to ensure your IPC and LP have the components to reach proficiency
  • Elementary Choice Sheets - Counselors
  • 4:40 - 5:30 board of control (Ms Buchannon, Ms Galvan, Ms. Miranda, and Mr Cordoba), Grade Level Meetings (Meet in the GL chair room; AP will lead meeting - Mr. King, Ms. Perez, Ms. Blanks, Ms. Rocha)

Tuesday, February 6-
  • Elementary Choice Sheets - Counselors
  • Planning Meeting with CIC/AP - 7th Grade (Math, SS), Science follows schedule communicated by Ms. Guerra, and 6th Grade RLA
  • 4:30-6:00 After School tutoring

Wednesday, February 7-

  • Elementary Choice Sheets - Counselors
  • LPAC Chair Meeting - Ms. Davis and Ms. Vasquez
  • Planning Meeting with CIC/AP - 8th Grade (Math, SS), Science follows schedule communicated by Ms. Guerra, and 7th / 8th Grade RLA
  • 4:30 - 6:00 After School tutoring

Thursday, February 8-

  • 4:30 - 6:00 After School
  • 5:00 Lesson Plans Due

Friday, February 9-

  • Saturday, February 10-
    • 8:00 - 1:00 Saturday School. Anyone doing Saturday School must submit the extra duty pay request in Oracle before able to use the code.
    • Robotics Competition - SeaPearch Scrimmage - Mr. Proctor

    Open Transfer

    The Open Transfer application will be available starting March 5, 2018. Eligible employees must apply via the open transfer application online no later than March 30, 2018. Transfers are not final until an approval email notification has been sent from Human Capital Management. All notification will be completed by April 13, 2018. I will be sending a form where you will have an opportunity to let me know of your plans for next year; however, if you know that you are planning to transfer, please let me know as soon as possible.

    Happy Birthday!!!

    Wishing you an awesome day!

    • Ms. Bickford - February 9

    Welcome to our team!!!

    We want to welcome Ms. Iresha Hays to our team. She joins our 7th grade RLA team. Please, take some time to greet her and welcome her to our school.