Social Listening

Another Great Solution From Pi Media!

What Is Social Listening?

Social Listening is just another great tool that Pi Media holds. Our systems monitor the web: every blog, every Facebook post, every Twit - we are there to listen and whenever something important or relevant is mentioned, we're the first to respond.

It's Like Playing Hide & Seek And Always Win!

For Example...

An example could be a client like Ikea - a Facebook user who posted: "I've just gotten back from Ikea! I'm never doing this again! I don't care how cheap their furniture are!", we will then comment on his post, as Ikea, saying something like: "Hey Jim! Sorry your experience with us today wasn't ideal. Can we maybe offer you a 5% discount and a free hotdog for your next visit, as compensation for today's ordeal? (:".


On social platforms, an individual (who hasn't liked your page, has never gambled before, and has never heard of your company) writes on Facebook:

“Where can I gamble? I really want to try it! Does anyone know of a good Casino?”

We respond in the name of your company and answer: “ Hey! Come play with our casino, you can make an easy $20 today!”


Now, not only did we recruit a new client, we can find many more just like him!

We have the ability to track and find any customer that you wanted to reach, but may have slipped right through your fingers.

Don’t wait until someone makes a move, let us make the move for you!