The Weekly Jr. Oiler

November 9, 2017

Student Engagement at Lunch

Student involvement during lunch seems to be increasing each week. This year, we have tried incorporating many different activities for students to keep them active and engaged during their lunch period. Students eat in the cafeteria first for approximately 20 minutes and then have about 30 minutes left for free time. Many students use this time to catch up on homework or chat with friends, but others are always looking for things to do.

New this year are the intramural sports offered by the YMCA. YMCA Youth Staff come twice a week to help students participate in organized sports. Upwards of a couple hundred students a day choose to join in. Our PTSA has also given several additions to the lunch activities choices. They paid for materials for our Industrial Tech class to build some bean bag games that are brought out to the lawn daily. PTSA also purchased many different types of equipment for students to check out such as basketballs, footballs, and soccer balls. Lastly, a variety of board games and card games were purchased for student use in the Media Center.

This year we are proud to have over 20 student-led clubs that mostly meet during lunch as well. You will find these clubs in the building working on a variety of interests.

If you have other ideas of things students can do during lunch, we are always open to suggestions from our community.

Title I Parent Meeting

On Thursday, November 16 at 3 PM, there will be a Title I Parent meeting held in the library-media center. This meeting serves to discuss how funds are spent on students from Dwyer's Title I budget. Title I funds are used to support students not meeting grade-level standards and/or needing extra assistance with classwork and homework.

If you would like to know more about our "After School Academy," small-group instruction, or ELD classes, please join us.

What's Happening?

November 10 - No school for Veterans Day

November 13 - 7th grade boys basketball tryouts

November 14 - Girls basketball playoffs

November 14 - Boys volleyball playoffs

November 14 - 7th grade boys basketball tryouts

November 15 - Girls basketball playoffs

November 15 - Boys volleyball playoffs

November 15 - 8th grade boys basketball tryouts

November 16 - Girls basketball championship game

November 16 - Boys volleyball championship game

November 16 - 8th grade boys basketball tryouts

November 17 - End of 1st Quarter

November 17 - Student of the Month ceremony, 8 AM

November 17 - PTSA meeting, 9 AM

November 20-24 - Thanksgiving Break