The Lottery

By: Jackson, Quin and Austin

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Jackson: Mr. Summers hands out pieces of paper from the black box. Mr. Hutchinson card was the winning card. Mr. Hutchinson, Mrs. Hutchinson and there 3 kids all picked a peice of paper. Tessie the wife/mom had the card with the black dot on it. Then everyone there including her family proceded to stone her to death.

Story Critique

Jackson: I think the story was good for many reasons. 1 reason is that I like that they used a lot of detail. I also like that there were a bundance of charaters. Those are some of the reasons why I thought the book was a good book.

Literary Devices

Jackson: 1). She wears a blandly colored pink skirt.

Jackson: 2). Her face was as blank as a piece of paper.

Jackson: 3). The dot stared past her into her soul.

Point of Veiw

Jackson: The lottery is 3rd person objective. I know it is 3rd person obj. because they describe more than one persons dialogue and it doesn't show thoughts.
The Lottery by Shirley Jackson (Summary) - Minute Book Report