Ready, Set, Go! 2021-2022

July 20, 2021

Thank You - Goodman Gators and Families

Thank you Gator Families that were able to make it to our "Meet the Teacher". It was a fantastic evening filled with energy and excitement.

We appreciate you taking the time to make every effort to attend your assigned time and follow our mitigation strategies that we put in place for a larger group event.

Parents please be patient with us during morning drop off and parent pick up. Our lines move a bit slower the first couple of days while we are getting use to the procedures. I promise you it will get better. Please remember your car sign. This helps us with the process of calling for your child/children.


Mitigation Strategies in Place to Keep Our Gators Safe

This year we will be using the CUSD re-opening plans for 2021-2022 as our guide to ensure safety and appropriate mitigation remains strong her at CTA Goodman.

  • Face coverings will be optional for students and staff
  • Large group gatherings will be conducted outside when and where feasible
  • Social distancing in our classrooms will be at 3 feet when feasible
  • Student will sit with classmates in lunchroom facing forward
  • Parent visits may occur at the approval of the administrator but limited to non-student areas only. Parent meetings may be held in person or a virtual option will be made available.
  • All contact-tracing and student quarantine guidelines will continue the current practice.
  • District staff and student exclusion guidelines (when sick student and staff should stay home) will remain with current practice.
  • Water Fountain will remain closed, but students may fill water bottles at filling stations.
  • We will continue having students wash and use hand sanitize through out the day to keep hands clean.
  • We will continue to limit the number of students in our grade level bathrooms.
  • We will keep sanitize high touch points when feasible

First Day of School

Students will report to the playground at 7:45 in the morning or to the Café for breakfast.

Grades 3-6 will report to the East Playground

Grades 1-2 will report to the North Playground. We will have teachers helping students get to the correct playground.

Kindergarteners will report to the K playground located on the Westside of the School.

Important things to remember

Please label the following items with your Childs name:

  • Backpack
  • Water Bottle
  • Lunch Box

Please send your child with a water bottle tomorrow

Supplies may be dropped off at the office at anytime. Please put your child/rens name and teachers name on the items or bag of items.