Currituck Sound


Importance Of Estuaries

Estuaries are important because they provide both economic & ecological resources. Estuaries are often called nurseries of the sea providing important nesting & feeding habitats for many plants & animals. In most areas estuaries provide coastal recreation, tourism, & commercial fishing. Animals like oysters & horseshoe crabs complete part of their life cycles in an estuary.

Threats to Currituck Sound

One threat to The Currituck is the threat of rising water, due to the Outer Banks eroding & draining of wetlands on the land side of surrounding counties. A second threat, is toxic runoff from the streams/rivers that run into the Currituck. The toxins (Like Red Tide) created a tidal bloom caused by dinoflagellates that killed 5,000,000 in 1995. Excess toxins can cause an overgrowth of plants in the estuary that suffocate plants & animals by taking out oxygen.

Five Plants/Animals

Oysters, Horseshoe Crabs, Grass Shrimp, Blue-Stone Crabs, Water Fowl (Like Canadian Geese & Water Ducks)
Cattails, Bullrushes, Reeds, Algae, Underwater Grasses

Three River/Streams into the Currituck

Alblemarle Sound
North River
Pasquotank River