The Pearl Songs

Sierra Harris. A.P. Lit.

Entire Book

Bitches Ain't Shit - YG

I chose Bitches Ain’t Shit to describe the whole book because basicly the only thing this book teaches you is that humans are terrible creatures. It shows us that humans are greedy, mean, and only care about their own wealth. In this song it describes how people are either hoes or tricks. This means everybody will always

try to take what is yours(hoes), or will fuck you over(tricks).


my nigga - yg

I Choose this song for the song of the family because they ride together. In this song they talk about how you protect the people that are important to you. They are not talking about their biological family, they are talking about the people they consider family. The song in the book is about them putting their family first and protecting them.


Stupid Hoe - Nicki Minaj

I choose this song for the song of the enemy because it is what I send to people I hate. The song of the enemy is towards somebody you just don’t like at all. Nicki obviously does not like who she is talking about. She expresses her hate to an unnamed female in this song.


Energy - drake

This song is about people that kept trying to knock Drake down. It explains a lot of evil that occurred in his life. Most the the evil in this song is about people taking his stuff or making it to where he can’t have stuff. The family in this book experience similar evils that have the same goal.

The Pearl (ending)

bitch better have my money - rihanna

The Pearl (beginning)

hey now - hilary duff

When they find the pearl it is like all their dreams came true. They could have anything they want and could make all their dreams come true. In this song Hilary Duff says “this is what dreams are made of”. This Shows that all her dreams came true with that one thing.